Head of Department Interview Questions

I went for a job recently, which I didn’t get.  Obviously I’m disappointed, but I’ve always thought that I should be able to take the knocks if I put myself forward for good jobs.  Having decided that my interview technique let me down, I set about re-jigging my page on interview questions.

Also, I had to teach a lesson on ‘significance’, which apparently went very well.  I liked it anyway, the students were engaged, and it got great feedback.  Now I think about it, the feedback from the day was excellent, easily the best I have ever had.  The head gave me precise reasons why I wasn’t the preferred candidate, and in a positive way told me exactly what I would need to do to get such a position next time.  Which makes it doubly disappointing that I didn’t get the role – it seems that she would be a very good person to to work for.

You can find the materials for the significance lesson on this page.  I’m hoping that I don’t put too many other lessons on it 🙂 .

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