I started to drift from the path

I have to be honest, I started to forget the golden rules we decided on at the start of this project. I am in the process of constructing an ICT lesson on trench warfare, the likes of which the world has never seen! Dramatics aside the lesson I started to plan lacked the one thing that we promised ourselves it would not lack, and that was a strong learning outcome. I started to ramble on about parts of the trench, put in links to other sites and gave them activities to do. However, I did not stop and think why are they doing this? what is the point of the all this knowledge they were getting? what did i really want them to learn? 

Truth be told, I did not embrace this revelation with great enthusiam. The fact I had spent the morning planning pointless work was met by certain words which are not allowed in the English dictionary! However, despite this it has forced me to reconstuct the lesson with a solid learning outcome, which I should be thankful for. I changed the approach of the lesson, so that the students will be questioning the sources, by following clear objectives. They should see the point of the lesson, and what they are working towards. It took the advice of another teacher for me to reach this revelation that put me pack in the right form of thinking. 

I had to publish these thoughts as a reminder to stay on the path to high quality thinking lessons, with clear learning outcomes, rather than giving out knowledge without a purpose. May this be a lesson to me!

One thought on “I started to drift from the path

  1. I think you’re right, dead right, to stop and ask yourself that crucial question sometimes – ‘why are we doing this?’, and even, ‘why are we doing this this way?’
    Using ICT can be worthwhile because of many things – motivation and practicality being the two most commonly mentioned.  It can also offer us ways of tailoring lessons to individuals, or give them power over the path they take through some work.  What we’re aiming for is ICT lesson that encourage or help students to use their skills as historians. 
    If your lesson isn’t doing that, if it’s just ‘wizzy’, then you’re right to stop and think again…

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