In defence of inspirational posters in school. 

  I’ve never used a shop bought inspirational poster, but I have made a few, and I think that their judicious use can be very beneficial. 

With most things it’s the quality and the way you use them, rather than their presence which is important. I can think of a few reasons why I might turn to an inspirational poster:

  • If teachers and students need some help in thinking about how life could be different or better;
  • If they want to think about their futures in ways that might not immediately be obvious from their surroundings;
  • If students need help in learning to regulate their behaviour or the way that they relate to others;

Of course, posters, like iPads and whiteboards or pencils and paper or libraries and assembly halls are not guarantees of learning or positive attitude. Posters about respect can be found on the walls of rooms in which students and teachers are in conflict, or about working hard where teachers and students have a tacit agreement that things won’t be too taxing. Such posters are redundant, but that doesn’t mean that all such posters are. 

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