Research Resources for Teachers

 I’m about to do some writing about the use of research by teachers, and at the same time to encourage its use in the school where I work.  I’ve been reading a couple of very interesting books – Andrew Pollard’s Reflective Teaching and  Raphael Wilkins Research Engagement for School Development (Issues in Practice).  Interestingly I have the third edition of the Pollard, which refers to lots of resources and collections which, when you search them out, simply don’t exist anymore or have been archived following the closure of bodies like the GTC.  Anyway.  I thought that I’d collect together some sites as I chase them round the internet to find out where they’ve gone following the bonfire of the quangos.  I’m hoping that these will be useful for me, and you might find them of use too.  If you know of any other great sources of research for teachers, please let me know by commenting.



NERF Bulletin: Evidence for Teaching and Learning – Issue 1 : The Department for Education

Teaching and Learning Research Programme


National Teacher Research Panel | Engaging Teacher Expertise

Learning and Teaching Home

Research Informed Teaching

Research for Teachers

JISC Inform / Issue 32 / Research and teaching | #jiscinform

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