Steve Mastin speaks in the Telegraph about making history compulsory. 

Steve Mastin talks a great deal of sense in this article about the lack of a golden age in history teaching, and the fact that 30% take up of GCSE history is actually quite impressive in a crowded options market.

Previously I have not been convinced that compulsory GCSE in history should be imposed on schools, but I’m willing to be persuaded that it is a good idea.  The main stumbling block, and one which Steve does not tackle in his interview, is the lack of curriculum time and of good quality, well trained history teachers.

The increasing numbers of schools turning to two year KS3 courses, and pushing history to the margins of these curricula, or becoming academies (which are far more likely not to offer GCSE history at all), and the destruction of the PGCE system in this country will make imposing a compulsory GCSE very hard to implement.

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