The 'e-baldie' roadshow continues…

Tomorrow I’m speaking to Learning Plus conference at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, Entitled “Working Towards Success at 16-19 and Beyond”, and as always my schtick will be ‘ICT for Learning’.  I’ll be using the attached powerpoint, but also the online technology I’ve been banging on about via this blog and my recent talks.

I’ll be using an example of a KS5 Law activity from Yacapaca

I’ll also be showing this video, which would be ideal for kS5 business, ICT and other students.

I’ll be showing the website, which could easily be utilised by teachers in 6th form, specifically this example of a teacher – made KS5 Geography video.

I’ll be showing an example (one that’s getting a bit long in the tooth now) of a blog I ran with some KS5 Cold War Students.

We’ll also look at Simon Ross’s great KS5 stuff on

Finally, I want to show the Google Forms Feedback idea that I’m planning on using next year.

Hopefully that will be enough to inspire some discussion, as we’ve been timetabled for 50 minutes of questions and discussion!

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