The Origins of the Native American Indians

The Origins of the Native American Indians

This lesson will give you the chance to discover the origins of one of the most fascinating peoples in history!


Objectives of the lesson


·       Look at how the Native American Indians came to America

·       Use the tools of Archaeology to find out what the Native American Indians were all about

·       What does Archaeology tell us about the development of the Native American Indians through time?


So what is Archaeology?

Archaeology is the name given to the activity of digging up the past. Archaeologists dig up historical places to retrieve artefacts, human remains and structures like buildings. Artefacts include objects like coins, swords, pots, flint and jewellery, to name a few. Using this information Archaeologists are able to reconstruct what a place looked like thousands of years ago and what may have happened there. 



The following activity will guide you through the development of the Native American Indians. The activity is built around a Power point and shows something called stratigraphy.


Hang on! Slow down! What is stratigraphy?



The best way to describe stratigraphy is layers of time built on one another.





The oldest stuff is at the bottom and the more recent stuff is at the top, so you have layers of history. Your activity today is going to be based on looking at stratigraphy, like a real Archaeologist!
Click here to load up your answer sheet, which also holds the instructions for each task you have to do. Make sure you save the answer sheet to your computer. Now open the sheet up and keep it open.
Click here to load up the Power point with the activity on and save it to your computer. Now open the powerpoint up to use 
Good luck fellow Archaeologists!


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