Why was religion such a problem for the Tudors?!

Why was religion such a problem for the


You have been learning about the Tudors in your lessons so far. One important part of looking at the tudors is seeing how Religion affected them! In today’s lesson you are going to learn how to answer and argue like a Historian to answer a question on the problems of Religion for the Tudors.

 Your aim: 

To understand what makes a good historical essay

To apply your knowledge of why religion caused problems for the Tudors



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So Historians, I bet you’re thinking……….. How do i write an essay to the question ‘Why was religion such a problem for the Tudors?’ Well that’s what we are going to find out! To find out how to answer the question you need your Activity Sheet.

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Activity One

You might know a lot about Religion and the Tudors from your previous lessons. You now need to use that knowledge to help you make an essay that answers the question ‘Why was religion such a problem for the Tudors?’

TO DO: First of all you need to mind map any ideas you have on ‘Why was religion such a problem for the Tudors?’ You need to write your ideas in text boxes on your answer sheet. 


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Activity Two

 Hopefully you have done a great mind map! Now that you have some ideas, you need to see what three factors there are. Factors are the key reasons that will answer your question- in this case it will be the main reasons why religion was a problem.  

 TO DO: On your answer sheet try and Bullet point three main headings. These should show the reasons why religion was a problem.



Do you need help? If you are finding it hard to think of some factors, then below are links to help you. When you click on the link there will be images that appear. Each link represents a factor. You need to guess what the images are, this will give you an idea of what the factor could be. 

First Factor

Second Factor

Third Factor



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 Activity Three

You should now have some ideas about which factors to use in your essay. You are now going to discuss your ideas.

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TO DO: You will now have a class discussion with your teacher about the different factors you have some up with. From this you will make a list of factors that you need to use.





 Click to view image detailsActivity Four

 Now you have learnt about using factors, this will help you to write your answer. Your answer will be in the form of an essay and the factors will help you to structure your answer. 

TO DO: On your activity sheet there is a task. This task is to read through a mock up essay. You must also highlight on the essay anything that you think shows a good way to write a historical essay. You should then discuss this with your partner and bullet point your ideas as a criteria for a good essay.


That’s right save your work again to your computer!




Activity Five

You should now have read through a mock essay and have a list of ideas that make a good Historical essay. You will now use these to make an overall list.


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TO DO: You will now have another class discussion to make your final criteria of what makes a good essay!




 After writing your final criteria as a class save your work to your computer



WellClick to view image detailsDone

Now that you have done all the tasks above, you will know how to write a great essay. You can now use the factors you chose and the criteria that you made to write an answer to the question ‘Why was religion such a problem for the Tudors?’ Your teacher will give you a writing frame to help you write your essay as well…GOOD LUCK!



One thought on “Why was religion such a problem for the Tudors?!

  1. I think you’re finished, and I’m really pleased with what you’ve achieved in this short FDP.  I especially pleased with the way that you are thinking about linking your objectives to the activites -and letting the students know why you’re asking them to do what they’re doing.  We’ve had some really interesting debates, and you’re using the capabilities of the ICT in innovative ways to help history students learn about history.
    There are still some important things to do.  You’ll remember that we need to encourage other teachers to use these resources so I want you to think about the following:

    Teacher’s notes / lesson plans; and
    Grammar, spelling, reading for clarity etc 

    Both of these thins are important, as the resources need to shine, to convince others that they’re worth using, as well as modelling good practice for students in terms of good writing. 

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