Battle of Britain Lesson by Jenny Hutton

Jenny Hutton has ‘donated’ a lesson on the Battle of Britain. Jenny was one of the (great) PGCE interns I worked with in 2009-10. She writes:

‘I thought I would send one along I tried with my Year 9 which seemed to go down nicely. It involved reenacting the Battle of Britain out on the tennis courts to try and consider how Britain was able to win the battle even though they were outnumbered 3:1 or 4:1 (depending on your textbook!). It was my ‘triumph’ because even though it was with a very lovely Year 9 group I was terrified about trying something very different and taking them outside of the classroom – but it actually seemed to work well. Please find attached lesson plan and resources (excl. sponge balls!).’

Battle of Britain LP

BofB Map

BofB Rules of Engagement

Strengths Weaknesses

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