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Today Monday April 9th 2018

Today. Sunday, 8th April

Today 7.4.18



On Tuesday 30th November 2017, 3 weeks short of his 99th Birthday, my Grandad died. He was a funny, but quite distant character whilst I grew up.  His life had seen difficult times, and this might explain his distance.  When he was very small he was sent from Leeds to live in the small town […]


Iris, Dad and I went to the allotment today.  The onions that we planted before Christmas are doing well, but the broad-beans look a bit stumpy. We got to work, Iris handing out nuts and bolts and Dad and I fiddling about until it started to look a bit more like a greenhouse. Too cold […]

Things to be glad about.

This morning I’m up as the sparrow clears its throat to travel to Brum to the University School for a BERA event on researching the curriculum. The day has started well, as I find that, overnight, loads of interesting reading on teachers and the history curriculum have been posted by very kind members of the […]