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Investigating teachers beliefs, doubts and uncertainties about their self efficacy, and how these relate to their professional development:  a pilot study.

I am conducting this research as an initial ‘directed study’ which is part of my studies towards an MSc in Educational Research Methods at the University of Leeds.  In this research I am assessing semi-structured interviews and ‘grounded theory’ analysis as methods of investigating how beliefs, doubts and uncertainties held by teachers about their efficacy relate to their professional development.

I would like to find between two and four teachers to take part in this pilot study.  This page is designed to help anyone thinking of volunteering to understand the research, their role, what I will do with their data, and my obligations towards them.

Informed Consent

I would like volunteers’ consent to be informed, so please do read this page well, and email me if you need further information (see email address below).

If you do decide that you would like to take part, your consent can be withdrawn at any time, and your participation can cease at any time for any or no reason.

The research is as an exploration into the topic and into the method of data collection best suited to such exploration, so I hope it is clear that the intention is not to provide immediate ‘solutions’ to any perceived problem.

Transcripts of interviews will be shared with participants over email.

The findings of the study will be used in further studies and may be published, whether online or otherwise.

If you decide to volunteer, then will be sent copies of the study when complete.

If you wish to take part, your anonymity will be protected by use of the following techniques:

  • Pseudonyms will be assigned to all names of participants, to people they mention and to schools and institutions during the interviews.
  • Participants will volunteer using email and will not know who the other participants are.

Finally, in a study like this one which investigates the issue of doubt and un-certainty the issues of ongoing consent and of prevention of harm are important.  By focusing on the relationship between doubt and development I hope that you will not feel that you must confront destructive or overly negative aspects of your doubts and uncertainty.

I would like to stress again that you have the right to withdraw at any time for any or no reason, so that if you are uncomfortable you will not feel obliged to volunteer or to continue to take part.

How the interviews will take place

I would like to use skype video, skype audio, or telephone to interview you.  In each case the method will be your choice.  Each interview will last at the most 20 minutes.  I may request a second interview with you, but you should feel free not to take part in a second interview.

What I will do with the interviews?

I will use a computer to record the audio of the interview. Each interview will then be transcribed.  I will then use the transcriptions to search for patterns and meanings to the way that uncertainties, doubts and other self efficacy beliefs relate to professional development.  Sound files, transcriptions and analysis will be marked and stored securely in such a way as to retain your anonymity.  Transcripts will be cited and quoted in the research study, but sound files will not be broadcast, transferred or otherwise performed without your specific permission each time.

Interested in taking part?

Please email me to indicate that you would like to take part. I will then contact you to arrange a time to do the interview in the next couple of weeks.

With your permission, I may retain your details and contact you later to see if you might be interested in later studies, if I receive too many volunteers for this pilot study.


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