Stand-alone Lessons

This page will contain standalone lessons, such as those that you might use for an interview.


I taught this lesson to a mixed ability year 8 group for an interview.  The lesson went very well – but there were lots of great things to talk about in the interview itself.  I taught 20 mins, but was asked to plan and to resource the whole lesson.  The files are zipped up here.  It’s quite a big download as there’s a prezi and a video in there.

Overview of life on First World War Home Front

This lesson was designed for a group of year 9s about to embark on GCSE study, but it could be used at GCSE for an overview of the topic before going on to study the homefront in more depth.

Overview of build up to the English Civil Wars

This lesson was taught to a mixed group of year 8s.  It really needs some work to make it more accessible to lower attaining students, but there are some great resources here to make start with.

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